Joseph CAMPBELL® Mythological RoundTable® of Dublin at MYTHIC LINKS Ireland

Thurs. 19 Mar 2015- Myth & the MARKET- the “No Limits to Growth” Story-

Shilling THUMB L Can a mythical perspective bring insight into our understandings of money and  markets?

Speaker: Professor Donncha KAVANAGH  of UCD School of Business -Dublin POSTER


Donncha Kavanagh was an organiser of the international interdisciplinary conference “Myth & the Market” held in Carlingford in 2014, and an editor of the publication “Myth & the Market”.
M&MsiteTHUMB  See Myth and the Market” Website
 What narratives lie at the root of “the economy”? What is the place of myth in thinking about the market, commerce, products and marketing?  Is it a valuable object of research and awareness, or a dangerous illusion?

VENUE: United Arts Club, 3 Upper FITZWILLIAM St., Dublin 2- MAP 



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