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JCF Campaign- & Get great Joseph Campbell gifts!

Jcf Fundraiser THUMBYou can get gift copies of the works of Joseph Campbell if you contribute to this new JCF campaign!

The Joseph Campbell Foundation’s online presence focused on Campbell’s mythological perspective is at  www.jcf.org   and it is running its very first fundraising campaign for an exciting redesign of the JCF website. JCF has published  The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell, audio recordings, and the Mythos video series, as well as The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Times and Sukhavati: a Mythic Journey.

JCF has worked with a global communities in explorations of what myth means to them and the world around them, as an almost completely volunteer organization. The work has been brought to life by you – our global community of inspiration, of curiosity, and of passion.  At the heart of it all has been the JCF website, serving  a place of conversation, of learning, and an entry point  into the world of Joseph Campbell.  Support this new venture to create an up-to-the minute portal into the world of myth, and get gift copies of the works of Joseph Campbell when you donate!

Jcf Fundraiser 2See the full INFORMATION & Video from Bob Walter, President Joseph Campbell Foundation


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