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Thurs 26 Jan-Love, GRAIL Quests and Goddesses-Joseph Campbell-the Power of Myth

jan-2017-thumbTales of Love, GRAIL Quests and Goddesses  POSTER
From 7th century Irish manuscripts to 21st century discoveries…

The Power of Myth – past & present Thurs 26 Jan 2017-
Illustrated talk, film clips & discussion


 3-thumb-pom-5Ireland and the Grail- “The Grail has become one of the most potent images in the imaginative treasury of humanity –How did stories, written in Ireland more than a thousand years ago, travel to France to become a foundation of the Grail narratives? ( ref. John Carey, Professor of  Early & Medieval Irish, author of ‘Ireland and the Grail’-2007 )

of the Grail 
inspired Joseph Campbell to leave New York as a young man in 1927,  to study in Europe. He regarded the Arthurian romances as the world’s first “secular mythology”, to be interpreted as metaphors of the natural stages of the human life journey. ( ref. ‘Romance of the Grail’– JCF 2015-Ed. Dr. Evans Lansing Smith )

4-thumb-pom-5Where is the Grail today? From ‘The Mists of Avalon’ to beyond ‘The Da Vinci Code’…From royal Tara to modern gangland: Old stories of love and betrayal retold. What can new archaeology tell us about ancient goddesses
Explore the relevance of MYTH for you and the world –
-in the work of Joseph Campbell and others.     POSTER Jan 2017

The Power of Myth, 1988 was one of the most popular TV series in the history of American public television,  and continues to inspire new audiences and creative artists.

JC Thumb Ep 2In part 5“LOVE and the GODDESS,” Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers discuss the mythology of love —and the role of the female as the giver of life and form.
In this clip,
Campbell traces the beginning of the idea of love, as we think of it today, to troubadours in the 12th century. 
 Love & the Troubadours

8-bcross-pom-5VENUE: United Arts Club, 3 Upper FITZWILLIAM St., Dublin 2– MAP
TIME: register from 7.15pm/START 7.30pmThurs 26 January
ADMISSION: – €10 donation towards overheads
PARKING Free from  7pm –
Tea, coffee & drinks available in the Club BAR before & after the event

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