Joseph CAMPBELL® Mythological RoundTable® of Dublin at MYTHIC LINKS Ireland

Thurs 5 Oct-MASKS of Eternity-Joseph Campbell-Power of Myth

Approaching the Divine: exploring traditions of East and West...
The Power of Myth  past & present
Thurs 5 Oct 2017-Film,  Intro & discussion

Moyers and Campbell focus on characters and themes found in culture and mythologies.
Campbell argues that these timeless archetypes continue to have a powerful influence on the choices we make and the ways we live.

In the final episode of The Power of Myth, Bill Moyers and mythologist Joseph Campbell discuss commonalities in portrayals of the Divine in world cultures; and the symbolism of the circle in life,  in traditional cultural practices,  the arts, and insights of psychologist Carl Jung.
Joseph Campbell called images, symbols and mythologies of the Divine
the masks of eternity,” masks that both cover and reveal the face of an ultimate reality, beyond all portrayals in language and art….

       A myth is a mask too, a metaphor for what lies behind the visible world. 

In this beloved 1988 PBS series, mythologist and storyteller Joseph Campbell joins Bill Moyers to explore what enduring myths can tell us about our live, in each of six episodes –“The Hero’s Adventure,” “The Message of the Myth,” “The First Storytellers,” “Sacrifice and Bliss,” “Love and the Goddess,” and Masks of Eternity


Released shortly after Campbell’s death on October 30, 1987, The Power of Myth was one of the most popular TV series in the history of public television, and continues to inspire new audiences.

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