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Thurs 22 Feb: Ancient Healing & Parmenides-7.15pm-Brendan O’BYRNE

Thurs 22 March 2018: SPEAKER: Dr. Brendan O’BYRNE Philosopher, TCD Plato Center

An Ancient Holistic Healing Tradition Parmenides and early Greek Culture 

Chariot of Apollo

Parmenides was one of the most important early Greek philosophers, who lived about 100 years before Plato. He was noted for his ideas about being and unity. What is not so well known is the fact that he was the founder of an holistic healing cult based around a practice called incubation. This talk will consider the evidence for this, and offer a speculative answer as to the question about the connection, if any, between his philosophy and his cultic activities.

VENUE: United Arts Club, 3 Upper FITZWILLIAM St., Dublin 2- MAP

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2018 is the 11th  year of Mythic Links!

and the 7th  year of the Joseph CAMPBELL® Mythological Round Table®  Group  of Dublin at  Mythic Links Ireland which has been awarded CHARTER status by the Joseph Campbell Foundation www.jcf.org

Thurs 22 Feb: The SHAMAN’s JOURNEY- Anu VIKEVAINEN -7.15pm

Siberian and Sami Shamanism: Death and resurrection – the ecstatic journey of a Shaman

Thurs 22 Feb : SPEAKER: Anu VIKEVAINEN  of  FINN Roots   INFO  POSTER  

Shaman Journey

The shaman is a gifted individual who enters into a trance and climbs up to the world of the gods and the animals, to bring back knowledge that is useful to the tribe.
Shamanism depicts the archaic understanding of parallel worlds and an animistic view of all existence.

The act of a shaman is seen as a technique of ecstasy, but it is a phenomenon in an entire worldview, the remains of which can be seen in what we call religions today.


The Sami people, who inhabit northern parts of Finland and large areas of Norway and Sweden,  follow shamanistic beliefs and practices. There is a long tradition of shamanism in  North Asia, particularly in Siberia.

TIME: register from 7.15pm /  START 7.30pm
PLEASE COME EARLY-parking & places limited
  Tea, Coffee & Bar available in the Club BAR before and after

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Parking Free from  7pm MAP 
VENUE: United Arts Club, 3 Upper FITZWILLIAM St., Dublin 2- MAP ML 2018-POSTER Spring SERIES v3

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ML 2018-POSTER Spring SERIES v3

2018 is the:
– 11th  year of Mythic Links
– 7 th  year of the Joseph CAMPBELL® Mythological Round Table®  Group  of Dublin at Mythic Links Ireland which has been awarded CHARTER status by the Joseph Campbell Foundation www.jcf.org