Joseph CAMPBELL® Mythological RoundTable® of Dublin at MYTHIC LINKS Ireland

Thurs 14 & 28-Mar-SPRING 2019 Series

Mythic Links-       Myths We Live By- … illustrated talks
                                            at the United Arts Club –

Thurs 14 Mar-The Heroine’s Journey– Siofra O’DONOVAN
Thurs 28 Mar-Heroic Origin Tales of Ireland– Prof. Ruairí Ó hUIGINN


Thurs 14 Mar – The HEROINE’s Journey in  Creative Writing, STORY, and it’s relevance for women and men today.  Maureen Murdock outlined this journey for real women; it is also a valuable story structure: learn from the feminine archetypes in mythology, folklore and movies. Click for Poster
Speaker: Siofra O’DONOVAN, Author and Writing Coach
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Thurs 28 Mar-Origin Tales of Early IrelandAncestors and Gods, Kings and Heroes.  Figures from the realms of myth, fiction and history were central in genealogies of ruling dynasties the medieval literary tradition.  These legendary characters played an enduring role in kingship and other structures of society.
This keynote talk featured at the annual international conference on Celtic Mythology in University of Edinburgh in 2018.   Don’t miss this opportunity to hear it in Dublin in 2019! Click for Poster

Speaker: Prof. Ruairí Ó hUIGINN is Director of the School of Celtic Studies at DIAS, and taught at NUI Maynooth for many years.
More INFO: email mythiclinks@gmail.com for events circulars

VENUE: United Arts Club, 3 Upper FITZWILLIAM St., Dublin 2- Click for MAP

TIME: register from 7.15pm /  START 7.30pm 
Please arrive on good time-parking & places limited

Donation towards Overheads: – €10  per evening
Parking Free from  7pm –
Tea, Coffee & Bar available in the Club BAR before and after

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2019 is the 12th  year of Mythic Links!


and the 8th  year of the Joseph CAMPBELL® Mythological Round Table®  Group  of Dublin at  Mythic Links Ireland which has been awarded CHARTER status by the Joseph Campbell Foundation www.jcf.org


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