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Thurs-20 Feb-Memorialising the Sacred-Shrines of Crete

DIARY-  illustrated presentations at the United Arts Club -see VENUE map link below

Thurs 20 Feb-CRETE-Memorialising the Sacred: 
sound and architecture defining the landscape.
Anthony Kelly, Seán McCrum, Paddy Sammon, David Stalling

Thurs 26 MarConversing with the Ancients of Ireland:
mortal and otherworldly tales of Mongán.
Dr.Daniel Watson

Thurs 23 Apr–   Details to be confirmed
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Thurs 20 Feb-CRETE – Memorialising the Sacred:
sound and architecture defining the landscape

Presentation featuring photography and sound recordings from churches and shrines of Crete.

Anthony Kelly, Seán McCrum, Paddy Sammon, David Stalling   

The churches and shrines of Loutro and Anopolis, on the island of Crete, define their landscape, creating a very specific and complex network of buildings which, in turn, is a significant part of how local people define who they are and their relationship to where they are. These buildings incorporate remembrance as active memorialising, as part of enriching present–day existence.

From the confines of a closely defined geographical area in Crete, the resonances are universal, particularly in an Irish context where for centuries sacred sites have been place-markers and place-makers.

Memorialising the Sacred: sound and architecture defining the landscape seeks to explore, through the medium of photography, objects and, sound, an aspect of a broad, shared, architectural inheritance.

Μνημονεύοντας το Iερό  –Memorialising the Sacred
Read about the 2018 exhibition: INFO 
An installation at the Irish Architectural Archive centred on the country churches and wayside shrines of the villages of Loutró and Anópoli in Sfakiá, Chaniá Prefecture, south-west Crete and included black-and-white photographs, sound recordings and related objects.

Thurs 26 March See POSTER
Story, Place, Travels, Culture – Exploring Traditions of World Mythology and the Relevance of MYTH for TODAY

VENUE: United Arts Club, 3 Upper FITZWILLIAM St., Dublin 2- Click for MAP

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