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Thurs 26 Mar* Cancelled  POSTER

Conversing with the Ancients of Ireland:
mortal and otherworldly tales of Mongán mac Fiachnai

from the lost book of Druimm Snechtai
Speaker: Dr.Daniel Watson

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Once upon a time (on the Wild Atlantic Way?) …Cancelled Event

Early Irish literature is remarkable for its portrayal of characters, such as Tuán and Fintan, who pass from one form of embodiment to another across many ages, and convey their knowledge of the deepest past to early Christians.
Voyage tales recount otherworldly encounters by Bran son of Febul (Foyle), and Connlae, after they are called by mysterious women.

A story of Colum Cille describes his meeting with a youth on the shores of Lough Foyle. The boy recalls his previous existences as stag, as salmon, as seal, as wolf; and he tells the saint of heavenly and earthly mysteries.  Who is the nameless youth- is he Mongán, and why has Mongán also been linked to the persona of Finn? 

How are these stories and characters connected? Accounts of Mongán mac Fiachani, which feature in texts associated with the ancient lost book of Cín Domma Snechtai,  (thought to date to the 7th -8th century CE), offer a starting point to explore Early Irish stories of rebirth.

This talk featured at the annual conference “Thinking about Mythology in the 21st Century: Myth and History” at the University of Edinburgh in October 2019.  
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear it in Dublin in 2020! 

Daniel Watson has a PhD in Medieval Irish Literature from Maynooth University, and an MA in Classics from Dalhousie University, Canada, where he studied Neoplatonic philosophy. He is currently an O’Donovan Scholar at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.  

DIARY: Thurs 26 Mar        Cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions
DIARY: Thurs 23 Apr         Not confirmed 

VENUE: United Arts Club, 3 Upper FITZWILLIAM St., Dublin 2- Click for MAP

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